STPM and SPM Exam!!

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Dear Ignyte members,

Sue Jane and Mun Teng will start their STPM exam in 30 November below will be their schedule. Please pray

for them at the exact time for the subject they are going trough to support them on the exam!!

23 Nov – 8am till 11am MunTeng and Sue Jane - Pengajian am 2

24 Nov – 8am till 10.30am MunTeng - chemistry 2

25 Nov- 8am till 11am Sue Jane – Mathematics S1 and  Mun Teng  Matematics T1

26 Nov- 2pm till 5pm Sue Jane- Business Study 1

30 Nov – 8am till 1030am Mun Teng – Physics 2; 2pm till 5pm Sue Jane – Economy 1

1 Dec – 2pm till 5pm Sue Jane -  Mathematics S2, Mun Teng - Mathematics T2

2 Dec- 2pm till 5pm Sue Jane - economy 2

3 Dec – 8am till 11am Sue Jane - Business Study 2

9 Dec – 8am till 945am Mun Teng – Physics 1; 2pm till 4pm Sue Jane and Mun Teng – pengajian am

10 Dec – 8am till 9.45am Mun Teng – Chemistry 1

Pls pray for them to have an excellent result that able to get them into any course of the university that they want.


Pls post your brother SPM exam schedule! So we could pray for him!!!

ALL exam candidates!! Ganbate!!!!!!

God Bless You all!!


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