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Posted by Ps. Jenny | | Posted On Monday, November 30, 2009 at 12:26 PM

Hi! we are at the end of the month of November today. And soon the year will be over. Tomorrow will be December and soon the year will be over.

I was in a Foursquare church, El Shaddai in Permatang Pauh yesterday. It was exciting to be worshipping with a whole group of Sabahans. Except for the pastor and wife, and Ps Henry and I, the rest were all from Sabah.

I have invited myself and our youths to go on a mission trip to this church on 31st January, 2010. Instead of flying to Sabah, we have Sabah just one and half hours journey away.

Will discuss with you all more about this. But just to get you all excited about what is in store next year.

Back to our Bible study on the book of Acts.

FAST FOOD - What is this got to do with the Holy Spirit?


Acts 13: 1-5

Oops, sorry!

It is not Fast Food but it is NOT FOOD = FAST

We read in verse that the Christians in Antioch were "serving the Lord and fasting".

Fasting doesn't just mean skipping a meal or not bothering to eat. It means giving over the time that you would have spent preparing and eating a meal to spend more time with God - praying, listening to God and reading the Bible.

If you have not fast before, take it slowly. Fast one meal at a time. Then extend to one day. You can have a Daniel's Fast which is meatless, or just water fast, or juice fast.

There may be other things that you can give up in order to concentrate on spending more time with God. Jot down here what they might be.



Ask the Holy Spirit to direct and guide you as you spend more time with God.


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