Where's The Line To See Jesus??

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Christmas is just a few days away from now.. i believe many of us are busy preparing for christmas right now- buying presents, practising for the performances etc.. but let us not forget about the true meaning of christmas.. here's a very beautiful song about christmas.. listen to the meaningful words as you play this video..

as sung in the song, "santa brought us presents but Jesus gave His life for you and me"

and i found this somewhere :

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE !!! Jesus is Christmas...

Carpe Manana Wallpapers

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Ignyte Camp 2009 was great.
Thanks to everyone who attended the camp.
It was fun while it lasted. Time flies while you enjoy.

I have came up with a wallpaper in remembrance of the camp,

Enjoy (right click the links below and "Save As")

Normal Ratio 4:3

Widescreen Ratio 16:10

Power to change

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Acts 14: 8-20

ZEUS was king of the Greeek gods and controller of the weather. HERMES, another Greek god, was the guide of the living and the dead, the god of travellers, and Zeus' attendant and messenger. The people of Lystra must have been crazy to mistake Paul and Barnabas for them. They wanted to worship them like gods!


Are you a bit keen on a particular leader at your church or group? They're not gods. If they weren't around would you still be keen on being a Christian? Talk to God about it.

Facing the Giants

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Hi! we have finally watched the entire film. What is your response? How do you feel after watching the film?

Which scenes impact you the most?

1. I am touched by the "death crawl" scene. Brock Kelley accomplishes something neither he nor his teammates thought possible - all because he commits to give 100%.

2. The revival scene in the school field. Because of one man's persistent prayer - Mr. Bridges, Shiloh's hall-walking prayer warrior, revival broke out in the school.

3. In the scene when Brock was too exhausted and ready to quit in the 4th quarter of the championship game, Coach Taylor reminded him, "It's easy to lead when you're strong. But now is when you lead."

4. Brooke Taylor's prayer of surrender - "I will still love You." - even when it appears that she won't get the baby she longs for. Only then is her longing fulfilled. Not only did she have one baby but another coming on the way. . .

In his post-game wrap-up, Coach Taylor tells his players, "I hope today is a milestone for what (God) can do fo the rest of your life, if you trust Him."

Is there anything impossible with God?

Is there ........?

Power to change

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When Paul and Barnabas performed miracles and wonders, some people believed in God as a result, and some people didn't.


Acts 14: 1-7

Where's the Holy Spirit in all this? He doesn't actually get a mention in these verses, but you should know enough about him by now to see that his power is clearly visible in these verses.


Lord, may my life show that you live in me when where there's no chance to talk about you.

Power to change

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The old Jewish religion, based on keeping God's law, was called "Judaism". God's law was written out in the first five books of the Old Testament and contained all the rules about how God wanted people to live. Jews met together in synagogues to hear the law being read and to worship God.

Sometimes when Jews became Christians and trusted in Jesus - not the law - to bring them closer to God, they left the synagogues. That left the followers of Judaism a little upset. (Well, OK, a lot upset. In fact, they were quite jealous.)


Acts 13: 44-52

The presence of the Holy Spirit will often cause conflict between people.

Your friends may tell you, "Don't go to church (Ignyte) today, come for a game of football." And if you don't, he will say, "Well, then I'm not your friend anymore."

Do these things still happen today?

  • People get jealous of Christians when they've got a good thing going (v. 45)
  • Christians speak the truth and it hurts
  • Christians are persecuted for speaking up for God (v. 45, 50).

. . . for anyone you know who is finding it tough being a Christian at the moment. Ask God to give them strength through the Holy Spirit.

Power to change

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Acts 13:32-43

Jesus was such good news that God wanted to make sure everyone knew. The Holy Spirit helped Paul explain God's great plan.

Promises to Abraham and Messages from the Prophets Promises in the Psalms
the others (v.32) (v. 34) (v.35)

JESUS CHRIST crucified and risen (v. 36, 37)

Forgiveness and freedom for all believers (v. 38, 39)

The people of Antioch would have known by heart the Old Testament verses that Paul quotes, and they would have made instant sense to them. Today, however, these verses can seem very difficult for us to understand. Paul reminds the people of the Old Testament prophecies and psalms which spoke of the coming of Jesus as God's chosen one - as the climax of God's great plan for all his people.

But even so, not many people believed him (v.41). A few did (v. 42, 43).

God has never given up trying to tell people the good news about Jesus . . . from the Old Testament through to the New Testament, and on to today in the lives of Christians.


. . . that the Holy Spirit will help you see God's plan at work where you are, in what you are doing and in the people you meet today.

Power to change

Posted by Ps. Jenny | | Posted On Tuesday, December 1, 2009 at 10:58 AM


Acts 13:13-16, 26-31

Paul travelled all over the place telling people about Jesus - how he died (v. 29), how he rose from the dead, and how he is alive today (v.31). It was a real message of encouragement to the people of Antioch (v.15)!

The Holy Spirit wants us to encourage people, too. Try some of these sentences out on your family and friends (make sure you mean them!):

  • You're really good at .....
  • I like it when you.....
  • You make me feel good about .......
  • Thank you, you're .........
But the Holy Spirit wants us to encourage people in a much more important way, by strengthening them in their faith and helping them to keep going as Christians.

Have a go at filling this in:

"I'm going to say something encouraging to _________________________in the next twenty-four hours. I'm going to say to them that ____________________________

I'm going to pray for the Holy Spirit to help me."