Power to change

Posted by Ps. Jenny | | Posted On Wednesday, November 4, 2009 at 11:20 AM


Acts 2: 25-28


David wrote "You will not allow your faithful servant to rot in the grave" (v. 27). But David died and his grave was there in Jerusalem at the time Peter preached.


David wasn't writing about himself.


Acts 2: 29-36

Although David was a king, not a prophet like Joel, the Holy Spirit enabled David to prophesy that one of his descendants would be the "Messiah" - God's chosen one, Jesus. And it was Jesus, not David, who was raised from the dead.

Peter didn't have time to sit down and read what the experts said about the Old Testament. The Holy Spirit helped him to understand how the words written hundreds of years before had been fulfilled in Jesus.


Peter used the Old Testament because it was the sort of evidence that would convince his listeners. What sort of evidence will convince your friends that Jesus is really God?


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