Power to change

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What is Prophecy?

A prophecy is a message from God. Sometimes it speaks about events that will happen in the future. Way back in the Old Testament the prophet Joel gave a message from God. Part of it was all about the day of Pentecost around 500 years later.


Acts 2: 14-21

The crowd are amazed. But some decide to take the mickey, making out that the disciples are drunk (at 9 o'clock in the morning!). So Peter stands up to explain what is happening. And the Holy Spirit reminds Peter of the words Joel spoke.

The coming of the Holy Spirit was no accident. His coming wasn't a last-minute idea on God's part. He had been part of the plan all along. All through the Old Testament the Holy Spirit filled people so that God could use them in a special way. But from now on he was coming for all Christians everywhere.


. . . God that we don't have to be extra special people for the Holy Spirit to live in us. We just have to be part of God's family.


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