Power to change

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As far as a Jew was concerned, Gentiles were the scum of the earth. Jews wouldn't even eat with them. Gentiles didn't observe the food laws that God had given the Jews, and so were considered "unclean" by the Jews.

So what were the Jewish Christians to do when they heard that Gentiles were also becoming Christians?!


Acts 11:1-18

It was an amazing vision that Peter described to his fellow Christians. The animals described in the white sheet are all "unclean" - not to be eaten - according to Old Testament laws. But here is the voice of God telling Peter to eat them (v. 7)! What can God be getting at?

After three goes at telling him, the vision ends. And Peter wakes up to find three men down at the door waiting to take him to their master, Cornelius, who is - wait - for it - a Gentile . . .

Peter goes with them, meets Cornelius, tells him about Jesus, and Cornelius, tells him about Jesus, and Cornelius becomes a Christian on the spot (and all his family, too!). Wonderful!

But what's God telling Peter through all this? God's message of salvation, and the gift of the Holy Spirit, is for everyone - Jews or Gentiles. So there can be no barriers between Jewish and Gentile Christians.


The Holy Spirit's hard at work in these verses. Can you spot what he's been doing? Pray that you'll see him working in your life today.


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