Power to change

Posted by Ps. Jenny | | Posted On Friday, October 23, 2009 at 7:10 PM

Hi guys!

This is the power of technology. Away from home and yet can still connect with you through the virtual world.

We continue our devotion on the Power to Change.

How do you know you are filled with the Holy Spirit?


You are in a double-glazed room looking out of the window. How would you know the wind is blowing? Jesus used the wind as a way to explain to Nicodemus about the Holy Spirit.


John 3: 7-12

From inside the room you can't see or hear the wind but you see its effects: trees bending, clothes blowing on the clothes line, and so on. That's the way we know that we are filled with the Holy Spirit. We see the effects of his work in our lives. Some of the things he does are:

  • he helps us to read the Bible
  • he helps us to pray
  • he helps us to tell our friends about Jesus.

Can you add some more to the list? (We'll see some of them as we go through this series)

The Holy Spirit doesn't make us instantly perfect. Some of us are very slow learners! But he's still at work in us.


. . . God for the Holy Spirit.


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