Following Jesus

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Over the next two weeks we'll be reading from Luke and learning about being a DISCIPLE. Christians - people who follow Jesus- are called His disciples. Each day's readings will help us to find out more about what Jesus wants from us - and how to be faithful disciples.


Luke 5:27-32


. . . about your best friend. Write down some of the reasons why you like them and want to spend time with them.

Levi was obviously so impressed with Jesus that when Jesus called him, he "left everything and followed him" (v.28). No ifs or buts or maybes - he just went!

What did Levi do next (v.29)?

The feast was held so that Levi could introduce his friends to Jesus, too. That's what part of being a disciple is about - being so impressed with Jesus that when we get to know and follow him, we want our friends to know and follow him, too - like Levi did.

What things do you like best about Jesus?

Levi followed Jesus when he was alive on earth, but we can't do that. So how can we follow him? One of the things I do is what you're doing now - I try to read a little bit about Jesus every day so I can find out what he's like.


Ask Jesus to help you follow him day by day.


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