Why Do People Suffer?

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Hey everybody! If you are following the reading chart, you should be reading the book of Job. Thought I should write something about this book. I came across these articles from a bible study book by Scripture Union. So . . . .

Some people think that the book of Job is more like a drama than a story. In fact, it was once produced as a radio play. It's all about one of the hardest questions people ever ask.

Why do bad things happen to people? Why do good people suffer? why does God allow terrible things to happen? Well, Job is about all of these things. And it's not just theory, either. It's the story of a man who loved God, and how he felt when suffering came along.

Reading Job probably won't answer all your questions. But it will help you to understand a bit more. So, settle back in your seat . . . the play is about to begin!


Let's start with the main character - we'll meet the others later.


Job 1: 1-5

Job was one of the richest man in the East. He seemed to have it all. He was rich (v.3). He had more animals and servants than anyone else. And he had a wonderful family (v. 4). Most important of all, he was a good man who worshipped God (v. 1)


It's easy to forget God when things are going well. But Job didn't. Even though he was rich, he wasn't too proud to say sorry to God. In fact, he even said sorry for what other people had done (v. 5)!


Follow Job's example - say thank you and sorry to God.


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