Why do People Suffer? Day 6

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. . . of all the things that had happened to Job. In the end he had lost everything. No wonder he was angry and frustrated (look back at the last scene). But what did he think about God? Had he stopped believing? Had he given up on his faith?


Job 19: 23-27 (Ya, we fast forward to chapter 19)

Job wasn't dead yet, but he wanted to be remembered by more than his name (vv. 23, 24).

He knew that the worst thing that could happen to him would not stop him seeing God (vv. 26, 27). That was more important to him than all the things he had lost.


Thank you, Father, that you will still be there, even if I lose everything that matters to me. Help me to follow you whatever happens.


Job's request was answered (v. 24, 25). We are still reading his words now!


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