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Hi Happy Chinese New Year. There will be no Ignyte meetings for the next three Saturdays. This coming Saturday is reunion, next Saturday (20th) we want you to visit your friends and get connected, while the last Saturday (27th) some of us will be going for a weekend Encounter Retreat in VIF, Bandar Utama.

Please pray for this encounter. I am believing God for a powerful weekend. So far we have about 26 youths registered for the retreat. It is going to be a power packed weekend, both physically and spiritually.

Today we continue our devotion on ministry.


James 2


"Show me how anyone can have faith without actions. I will show you my faith by my actions." TEV

Faith and action go hand in hand. Our service flows out of our commitment to Christ.

If someone were to determine your level of faith strictly based in your outward actions, what would be their conclusion? Why?

How difficult or easy is it for you to "back up" your faith with action?

What are the obstacles that stand in the way of your combining your beliefs with your behaviour?

What actions is God currently pressing on your heart to do? What will it take for you to be obedient?

Write a prayer asking for God's help to overcome these obstacles and his strength to put your faith into action this week ( this week is Chinese New Year - time to catch up with loved ones, friends, and relatives - show them your faith in action)

Faith without works is dead. James 2: 26 NASB


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