Fathers……. It’s so heavy…..

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Today Ps Richard preached a sermon on fathers…. The message striked my heart!!!

I have a father, but i never have a good father and son relationship!! I find it hard to imagine how a father should behave…..  Always in my mind, i dont know how to handle my father… Some time, I did found it heavy to call this guy  - father…. May be he also dont know how to handle me…..

Since i was in secondary school… I never have a good talk or conversation with him….

I live with my father, sad, we hardly talk… Each conversation end up in a quarrel….

As a son, i always yell to my father… Dad you are good for nothing!!  I think, as a father, he will feel so hurt when listen to this phase…….

Today, our siblings bought a washing machine and i requested my cell member to install it for us….

My friend come and he meet with my dad… and they have a good talk and wonderful conversation along the installation… This is first time I heard so many words come out from his mouth!!! If a outsider passed by will think that my friend and my dad is the father and son and i just a outsider…… My dad is so talkative, friendly and nice….. what a surprise….

I have a discussion with my mom and my siblings regarding our dad during the dinner… All of them said that I am the one who inherited most of my dad character…… That why we quarrel so much…..A cold running down my spine….. Am I will be like him????

Oh no!!!

My mom tell us that none of us understand my father…… She tell us that my dad just cant find a position in this house to fill himself in…. Since young all of us (my sis, me and my bro) have been too independent till we sometime we think that we dont need a father in our life…… None of the issues or problems that we faced we seek him for help ….. 

Just now i go through all my photos album… cause i wish to post a photo of my dad and me…. but i cant find any….. Just this, which we take at a photo studio during my brother convocation….. and this photos is put on my house’s TV table…. Besides, this i cant find any… Sad right??…


 A lot of times, I always grumble at my dad that he failed to be a father but think deeply I have failed to be a Son…..!!!


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