Ignyte Kitchen-Tiramisu Cake!!

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Since Pastor Jenny have post so many words for our spiritual! So, I decided to post a guide to teach all of you to make a famous Tiramisu Cake!! Yeah Yeah!!


Material (all no need to be accurate)


Coffee whitener/coffee mate 1 teaspoon

Coffee powder 1.5 teaspoon

Condensed milk 1 teaspoon

Hot water 75g

Sound familiar yes we r making a cup of coffee!!! :P


Cake flour without baking powder 45g

Oil (normal on can lah) 20g

Sugar 60g

2 eggs (separate egg yolk out)

Baking powder 0.5 teaspoon

Baking Process:

1. Egg yolk, water, oil, coffee 50g and half of the sugar put in a bowl


2. Put the bowl and all ingredients on a hot water bath stir until all the sugar dissolve into the water or all sugar disappear lah!!! And the whole thing will become very smooth!!!! Remember stir until smooth!!


3. Put the egg white???---- egg without yoke lah into second bowl and keep stir it until the whole things become white colour. Meanwhile put the left over sugar in time by time slowly ah!! Best is divide the sugar into three time and put in. Stir until like below the paste won’t fall off!! Whole process is in water bath!! Or not need to stir very long


4. Then slowly put cake powder and baking powder into the coffee and egg yoke mixture (process 2 still remember!!) also put in slowly, best is put all the powder in by two times and stir it slowly. Better filtered the cake powder will make the cake smoother!! like below



5. Put some not all the white paste (remember make by the egg white one?) into the the brown thing up there^^. Then slowly stir and put in the white paste again and again until it finish!!




Then put it into a mold


Then put in a pre-heated oven at 160oC and bake 20-25 minute. Yes this is the cake!!!


Look nice :P take the cake out and let it cool down!!


Ok making of the cream or mousse by cream cheese

Cream cheese 125g

Sugar 50g

Eye yolk 1

Pure cream 180ml


All add together except sugar divide three times to put in!! and stir!!


Cream cheese same put into hot water bath stir it until it become smooth (don’t have any lump)


The egg yolk (after stir) and the smooth cream cheese stir together


Then the pure cream stir until like this then add to the eye yolk and cream cheese paste


Ok cream finish di!! Now cut the cake (after cooling) into 4 pieces


Then again make another cup of coffee but add in coffee liquor 3 teaspoon don’t know wat is coffee liquor see the picture below. We call this whole cup liquid as ‘coffee L’ ok??


Cool!! cut the cake into round shape and the outer layer don’t need


Put in a bigger mold then put the first layer of cake in down remember put a layer of aluminium foil


Finally last part after put in a layer of cake then put a layer of ‘coffee L’ on the cake then put a layer of cream cheese mousse like below repeat the steps until the four layer of cake finish!! Mousse must cover the whole cake and must exceed the cake.


Last layer’s mousse surface smooth it with knife, then put some coco powder on it!


Put in refrigerator for 2 hours then can eat di HAHA its delicious!! Success picture!!


Look nice right!! Try to make it!!!


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