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Today visited Sue Jane’s mummy blogs– Wenn’s Experience… Discover that she have make a cake for Malaysia Merdeka…. It look nice and delicious…..

So, suddenly think off why i dont make one?? (*since Siew Har not around…. Hehe)

With the materials I have in hand only able to make a butter Raisin cake….

Below was the ingredients:

250g butter     P1000471

100g margarine    P1000474

250g caster sugar   P1000473

1/4 tea spoon of salt

5 eggs

1/2 tea spoon of vanilla essence

250g self raising flour   P1000478

300g of raisin and soak them with 5 spoon of rum wine for at least 3hours best is one day (tips it provide a wonderful aroma to the cake)- refer to photo:


Prepare a baking mold with paper and spread a thin layer of butter unto the paper to prevent any stickiness when take off the cake.


*Tips: to bake a good cake, you ant dump everything and mix all thing at one time!!!

Then, put the butter, caster sugar and margarine inside the bowl and mix them with a mixture untill it turn fluffy..

P1000480  Start mixing….

P1000481 It turn into fluffy….

*Tips: Don’t add egg and flour in at this early stage of mixing. If you do so the cake would not bake and it will become so solid and would not taste soft and tender……

Then, add in the egg. Important step!! After add in the egg dont mix too long… As long as the egg is evenly distributed.. It is ok di… Or not same result to the tips….


Then add in the vanilla essence… and let it evenly distributed…


Simple but important step!… DO filter the flour before you use them dont be lazy…..


Then, pour the flour into the butter, sugar and egg mixture and mix them with hand no machine pls cause it will caused over mixture…


Then add in the raisin and mixed with hand……

P1000488    P1000489

Then, transfer the dull into the mold.


Pre heat the oven pls….. Untill the oven temperature reach 180 deg….

Important step: Dont ever put it the cake into the oven unless it reach the set temperature…..


When the temperature reach 180deg. Then, put the cake into the oven and bake it for 45 minutes at 180 deg..

Important step: If you oven have two baking channel like my one.. Just use the bottom channel only dont use top or top and bottom… your cake will end up over cook or cook at top and surface only….


After 45 minutes…. It is done…. It look nice with great aroma… Haha!!!


This is how it look like…..


Most important step!!!!!! DONT FORGET!!!!



It is so delicious…… Wow….!!!!


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