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Better it is to be of an humble spirit with the lowly, than to divide the spoil with the proud – Proverbs 16:19

A man's pride shall bring him low: but honour shall uphold the humble in spirit. – Proverbs 29:23

Humble is something easy to said but hard to learn…… You can tell the world you are a humble guy anytime and anywhere because this word is so easy to speak. (*like i tell everyone i am so handsome :P)

Practically, humble yourself is not an easy task especially when you have turned from “Nobody” to “Somebody”….

Once, I was a proud guy!… I am the top student in my course in USM.. When I start work my career life was smooth.. I was climbing my career ladder faster than every one else… I invest a lot in share market, options and futures. And I make a lot of money out of that…

All these “earth” succeed really turn me into a proud guy… Always in my mind, I taught i am better than others, my plan, my taught is always the best one… Anyone who do things differently with my way means they did a wrong thing.. I never know how to respect the variance of individual!!

As proverbs 29:23 said A man’s pride shall bring him low……

God is a marvelous God…. He always give you a lesson in the most proper time… A financial crisis in 2008 almost swept all my properties… He use the crisis teaches me a great and wonderful lesson but He is a good God… He never left you facing any problems alone.. He send a lot of great and marvelous peoples to help me!! I learn from them… They are more successful than anyone else in the society but yet they are more humble than anyone else!

They are humble because they faced too many issue in life and know that a lot of times God is the only one who help them to get out of the “Shit”…. I noticed nowadays a lot of youth are repeating the same issue…. They are gifted, talented and have great potential but because of the gift and talent they have they become so boastful!! Talent is something special from God to you, if you dont use it wisely.. God might take it back!!!

Young man, never think that you are so important for everything because without you the world still goes on! But also never look down of yourself because you really can change the world!!

Ocean is huge because she is always lower than

all the river!!!


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