Power to change

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The old Jewish religion, based on keeping God's law, was called "Judaism". God's law was written out in the first five books of the Old Testament and contained all the rules about how God wanted people to live. Jews met together in synagogues to hear the law being read and to worship God.

Sometimes when Jews became Christians and trusted in Jesus - not the law - to bring them closer to God, they left the synagogues. That left the followers of Judaism a little upset. (Well, OK, a lot upset. In fact, they were quite jealous.)


Acts 13: 44-52

The presence of the Holy Spirit will often cause conflict between people.

Your friends may tell you, "Don't go to church (Ignyte) today, come for a game of football." And if you don't, he will say, "Well, then I'm not your friend anymore."

Do these things still happen today?

  • People get jealous of Christians when they've got a good thing going (v. 45)
  • Christians speak the truth and it hurts
  • Christians are persecuted for speaking up for God (v. 45, 50).

. . . for anyone you know who is finding it tough being a Christian at the moment. Ask God to give them strength through the Holy Spirit.


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