Facing the Giants

Posted by Ps. Jenny | | Posted On Saturday, December 5, 2009 at 9:37 PM

Hi! we have finally watched the entire film. What is your response? How do you feel after watching the film?

Which scenes impact you the most?

1. I am touched by the "death crawl" scene. Brock Kelley accomplishes something neither he nor his teammates thought possible - all because he commits to give 100%.

2. The revival scene in the school field. Because of one man's persistent prayer - Mr. Bridges, Shiloh's hall-walking prayer warrior, revival broke out in the school.

3. In the scene when Brock was too exhausted and ready to quit in the 4th quarter of the championship game, Coach Taylor reminded him, "It's easy to lead when you're strong. But now is when you lead."

4. Brooke Taylor's prayer of surrender - "I will still love You." - even when it appears that she won't get the baby she longs for. Only then is her longing fulfilled. Not only did she have one baby but another coming on the way. . .

In his post-game wrap-up, Coach Taylor tells his players, "I hope today is a milestone for what (God) can do fo the rest of your life, if you trust Him."

Is there anything impossible with God?

Is there ........?


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