Power to change

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Acts 13:32-43

Jesus was such good news that God wanted to make sure everyone knew. The Holy Spirit helped Paul explain God's great plan.

Promises to Abraham and Messages from the Prophets Promises in the Psalms
the others (v.32) (v. 34) (v.35)

JESUS CHRIST crucified and risen (v. 36, 37)

Forgiveness and freedom for all believers (v. 38, 39)

The people of Antioch would have known by heart the Old Testament verses that Paul quotes, and they would have made instant sense to them. Today, however, these verses can seem very difficult for us to understand. Paul reminds the people of the Old Testament prophecies and psalms which spoke of the coming of Jesus as God's chosen one - as the climax of God's great plan for all his people.

But even so, not many people believed him (v.41). A few did (v. 42, 43).

God has never given up trying to tell people the good news about Jesus . . . from the Old Testament through to the New Testament, and on to today in the lives of Christians.


. . . that the Holy Spirit will help you see God's plan at work where you are, in what you are doing and in the people you meet today.


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