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This week we look at the topic - "vison".


Helen Keller was asked: What would be worse than being born blind? She replied: To have sight without vision. Vision is the energy behind every effort and the force that pushes through all problems. People will only catch what has caught you. What do you see in your spirit? What do you eat, sleep and dream of? It is a dream that keeps us young. It is a vision that keeps us going. Have a God vision, one which you can lose your life in it.

Read Genesis 15: 1-6

Then God led Abram outside and said, "Look at the sky. There are so many stars you cannot count them. Your descendants also will be too many to count. Abram believed the Lord. And the Lord accepted Abram's faith, and that faith made him right with God. Genesis 15: 5, 6

Abraham believed the God who gives life to the dead and who creates something out of nothing based on a vision God gave him.


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